NewsBarrington Township Republican Organization President Peter Kopsaftis Appointed as Committeeperson

May 15, 2020

Earlier this week, BTRO President Peter Kospaftis was appointed Barrington Township Committeeman by Cook County Republican Party Chairman Sean Morrison to succeed Chris Geissler. Chris will take on Board responsibilities in leading special projects. This will continue the great work Chris and Peter have done to date such as increasing the activism of BTRO and building a strong presence amongst Republicans, which follows the legacies of Gene Dawson, Linda Post, Amy Nykaza, and Dan Fitzgerald.

This transition will not distract us from our mission. Our local party has focused on raising capital, resources, and interest to support viable Republican candidates and officials at every level. Today, because of the very serious circumstances our communities face, the decisions of our local, state and federally elected officials have unprecedented effects. The impact on our daily freedoms, personal well-being, financial security and economic stability must serve as a sobering realization of the importance of civil participation.

In the upcoming weeks Peter will look forward to leading the BTRO in a comprehensive plan to engage Republicans throughout Barrington Township, the neighboring Northwest Suburban Cook County Townships as well as their village leadership. Many people can no longer be spectators; they must play a role in who sits in offices of power. Peter will challenge his fellow Republicans to act upon our responsibility to safeguard our country for future generations. Together, we can build the strength needed to expand the resources and provide the support of Republican representation in our Township and beyond.

Below is a press release regarding the update in leadership.

Barrington Township Republican Organization President Peter Kopsaftis Appointed as Committeeperson

Kopsaftis is a First Generation American of Greek Descent and an Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention

Barrington, IL- This week, Barrington Township Republican Organization (BTRO) announced that Peter Kopsaftis, the current President of BTRO has been appointed by Cook County Republican Party Chairman Sean Morrison to serve as the Barrington Township Committeeperson. Incumbent Committeeperson Chris Geissler will remain with and have an active role in the organization as a BTRO board director.

New Committeeperson Peter Kopsaftis has been a Barrington Township resident for over 35 years. Peter, a proud American of Greek descent, has been active in Republican politics since the Reagan Administration. He is currently an Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention for President Trump. Peter was born in a small village in Greece and journeyed to the United States in 1958. He arrived with only the items he carried, lacked any knowledge of the English language – he only had the promise of great opportunity our country offered to so many. He is a proud veteran of the United States Army Reserves, and has lived and worked in Barrington Township for over 4 decades.

Upon stepping down from his post, former Committeeperson Chris Geissler said, “I am proud of the work we have accomplished over that last 20 years. I am confident in Peter’s ability to lead our organization forward during these challenging times and I look forward to continuing my service to BTRO and the Republican Party by staying active on the BTRO Board of Directors.”

Committeeperson Peter Kopsaftis said, “I came to the United States as a poor child and with little to offer. I am forever grateful to this great country for providing me with the opportunity to build a better life. It is my privilege and honor to have served as both President and now Committeeperson for the Barrington Township Republican Organization. I have profound respect for Chris and our members who tirelessly built our organization’s foundation. As its current steward, I am proud for his continued commitment.”

Barrington Township’s inclusive Republican organization focuses on advocating for solutions to issues impacting our local communities. The Barrington Township Republican Organization advocates for solutions to local issues and promotes local candidates by engaging with the many diverse families in our community in an inclusive manner.
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