NewsMessage to Our Constituents from BTRO President Peter Kopsaftis

April 16, 2020
As you know, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act into law which will provide substantial help to families and small businesses here in our community and across our country.

More than 150 million households will receive checks under the legislation, which will send payments of $1,200 to many individual Americans plus $500 for children. These checks are expected in mid-April and you can find more information here. The CARES Act also includes almost $400 billion to help small business retain their payrolls and $250 billion to boost unemployment insurance – offering $600 per week for four months for laid-off employees, plus the benefits their states may provide.

But it’s no surprise that Democrats have made this COVID-19 pandemic about politics from the very start of the coronavirus. They are now pushing our elections to be strictly done via vote by mail – which would be a disaster on many fronts. The Democrats have even said from the beginning of this crisis that this is an opportunity to advance their radical, socialist agenda.

We cannot let Democrats undermine our democracy like this. I need your help to stop them.
This means we must fight harder than ever before to elect Republicans come November. Please be the change you seek and join me and BTRO in supporting local Republican leaders and businesses who are stepping up to put our community and values first.

BTRO is an advocate for local issues that impact our communities on a daily basis and for candidates seeking to serve our residents in every level of elected office. BTRO is dedicated to supporting Republican elected officials, candidates, organizations and causes. While the Democrats are playing politics, we’ll be working with our Republican officials and candidates in making positive changes in our residents’ lives.

Let us stick together and help each other, and know that we will get through this together. Our President is making every effort possible to keep our country in a stable economic position to benefit everyone during these difficult times.

I also encourage you to follow the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce here for updates on how you can support local businesses during this time. You can also stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 information and resources here.
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