NewsMessage to Our Constituents from BTRO President Peter Kopsaftis

April 2, 2020

President Trump recently signed a massive $2 trillion emergency spending bill into law. More than 150 million households will receive checks under the legislation, which will send payments of $1,200 to many individual Americans, plus $500 for children. A family of four would receive $3,000.

This bill includes almost $400 billion to help small business retain their payrolls and $250 billion to boost unemployment insurance, offering $600 per week for four months for laid-off employees, plus the benefits their states may provide.

Also included are SBA Economic Injury Loans which are intended to help you keep your business open and viable and can cover fixed expenses and payroll. The first payment has been deferred for 1 year but the recommendation is to apply as soon as possible. Loans are available at 3.75% interest for small businesses and 2.75% for nonprofits. Unsecured loans are available up to $25,000. To apply, visit:

State and local governments and health organizations have asked us all to practice “social distancing” and, of course, follow the CDC Guidelines for extra cleanliness, hand washing, wiping down surfaces, and staying home unless it is for essential travel.

Homeowners and residents throughout the Township area are stepping up to help each other. The definition of “community” truly shines in times like these. Many wonderful residents have stepped up and offered help to anyone in the community who may be in need through donations to organizations. 

The health of our communities is critically important to all of us, so is the health of our local businesses who are fighting to stay stable during these hard times. This issue is creating serious challenges for small business owners who rely on us, especially local restaurants and retailers. Thus, the lack of customers will make it difficult if not impossible to pay their staff, rent, bills, and much more. With Easter and Mother’s Day coming up, consider shopping locally and buying a gift card to keep our valuable local businesses afloat!

I encourage you to please reach out to your neighbors, especially the senior citizens, to see how they are doing, ask if they need help with anything as their family may be far away, or even just for a friendly conversation.

On behalf of the BTRO Officers and Board of Directors, I’d like to impress upon you that BTRO is an advocate for local issues that impact our communities on a daily basis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, let us focus on the future. We are all facing new challenges every day, every hour, and every minute. It may seem overwhelming, but we are strong, resilient, innovative, and most importantly, we are all Americans!

Let us stick together and help each other because we will get through this together. Our President is making every effort possible to keep our country stable economically to benefit everyone during these critical and difficult times.

Please feel free to reach out to us with your comments, suggestions, or any questions by replying to this email or by visiting
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