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Our Vision & Values

Advocate for local issues that impact our communities on a daily basis and for candidates seeking to serve our residents in every level of elected office.
Put local issues, causes, and races at the forefront of our organization.
Build a diverse network of members that fully encapsulate the range of center-right viewpoints in Barrington Township.Your fingers will be marked with ink
Engage the community at venues, events, and times that work for them and motivate the community to get involved with our mission.
Foster an inclusive, open-minded conversation about topics and values that matter to each of BTRO’s members.

Our Mission

Barrington Township’s inclusive Republican organization focuses on advocating for solutions to issues impacting our local communities.

The Barrington Township Republican Organization advocates for solutions to local issues and promotes local candidates by engaging with the many diverse families in our community in an inclusive manner.

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Barrington Township Republican Organization
Peter Kopsaftis-President 630-822-3965
PO Box 3841 Barrington, IL 60011-3841
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